Group Psychotherapy

Electing to sit with the group of strangers, sharing your issues may sound intimidating at first, but group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy cannot.  Members of past groups are always surprised by how rewarding the group process can be.


Groups provide a support network and a sounding board for each other. Group members are there to support, reassure and challenge each other when necessary.  When you share this space with other members, you are reminded that you are not alone in your situation.  Each member come's into the group with different life circumstances, issues may be different (s) but the support you find in a psychotherapy group cannot be replicated in any other mode of psychotherapy.  Every member of the group becomes instrumental in each other's process.

Frequency:  Usually once per week, for a pre-arranged or specific period of time.

The focus of the group is usually predetermined.

Upcoming Groups: Fall 2019

Navigating the Work Environment for the ENRICH Woman

I am offering a Support Group for Women of ENRICH. In this group, we will discuss and examine the unique stressors you, as an ENRICH woman experience in this continuously changing work environment…and specifically, your work environment. Through the lenses of ENRICH (Ethnicity Nationality Race Identity Culture Heritage), we will analyze and define strategies to survive and thrive. We will provide a safe environment where authentic experiences can be discussed. This space is for you, the Women of ENRICH, to identify and verbalize what you experience at work daily. 

Starting: Fall 2019                 

Co-Leaders:  Sherry Jerimie & Duane Andrews           

Days-Times: Every Other Tues 6:30-8:00pm         

Duration: Six Weeks (Every Other Week)             

Cost: $80 per session                      

Group Size: 7-10 members

‘New To America’ Support Group

Transitioning to another country can be a frightening and overwhelming at times. I have seen numerous cases of international young professionals and students regretting the decision to come to the U.S., feeling uncertain about their future, feeling disappointed with the job search...or academic results, unable to concentrate, having trouble sleeping, having relationship problems or feeling depressed. This group will help you work with people who are also struggling with similar situations; language barriers, American work dynamics, relationship interactions, feeling alone, making new friends, and financial constraints just to name a few.

Starting: Fall 2019               

Leader:  Sherry Jerimie                

Days-Times: Every Other Thurs 6:30-8:00pm         

Duration:  Six Weeks (Every Other Week)              

Cost: $60 per session                      

Group Size: 7-10 members            

Would You Date You?

The reality is, many of you wouldn’t know – if you would date you - because you’re too focused on what you’re looking for in a partner. You get enveloped in looking for the best person, rather than being the best person. This group gets you thinking about what makes you happy, how you can be better and how you can be the kind of person that provokes respect and desirability in yourself first, then others second. We will help you introspectively identify, explore and change the unhealthy patterns in your interpersonal relationships, examine your dating repetitions, improve your self-esteem, better understand your attachment/connection/affection style and ultimately, feel better equipped to engage in a new, healthy dating life.

Starting: Fall 2019                 

Leader: Sherry Jerimie               

Days-Times: Every Other Wed 6:30-8:00pm         

Duration: Six Weeks (Every Other Week)               

Cost: $80 per session                    

Group Size: 7-10 members            

Located in

Crown Heights,

Brooklyn, NY, 11225

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