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Intensive Psychotherapy

Intensive Sessions: 

You can attend intensive sessions ranging from one to three days or from two to three hours each.  You may find this service appropriate if you are in town (New York) for a business trip, vacation or just taking some time for yourself.


Please note:  these sessions deal with one specific topic.  You can make follow up appointments for other issues as you see fit.

This Is For You If...
  • You travel a lot, or have many obligations and are not able to commit to traditional therapy.

  • You live in a geographic location where there’s limited service and want to utilize the trip for self-improvement.

  • For confidentiality reasons, you feel more comfortable speaking with someone outside of your town or community.

  • You find the 45-minute session disruptive because your session ends just when you are making a discovery.

  • You have an urgent nagging situation that you need perspective on.

A Great Option for Couples!

This form of psychotherapy is as the title suggested, consecutive sessions.  Intensive psychotherapy is most useful because you can continue without interruption, therefore increasing the efficacy of treatment.


Best Suited For:  Someone who is familiar with the psychotherapeutic process, with the capacity to endure and grow from the intensity of insight-oriented psychotherapy. 


Frequency: Intensive psychotherapy can be consecutive days or one day for extended sessions. 

Details & Pricing...Take the Step...

For those unable to afford weekly therapy at this rate, twice monthly is an option. I also have an Intensive Therapy option which works well for clients new to therapy. Details below:

  • Intensive Therapy Package - Starts at $1000

  • Five 45 minute sessions 

  • Five consecutive days

  • Sessions can also be two 90 min and one 45 min on 3 consecutive days

  • Payment required in advance

  • Once dates/times are set, no makeups if missed

If you choose this option you can continue therapy beyond this, either with more intensive sessions every few months or some other frequency/intensity that works for your needs and your budget. We will discuss and evaluate what's best for you...

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