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Psychoanalysis requires time, money and your full commitment, because it’s ongoing with a minimum of two to three session per week.   The psychoanalytic process provides an opportunity to delve deeper into your thought processes when you are not trying to solve a specific problem.  As with anything else, the more you invest, the more returns you get on your investment, psychoanalysis is the ultimate investment for long-term gains. 


In Psychoanalysis, you have a dedicated space/time to process all the events in your life.  Psychoanalysis builds connection; support, and the changes are significant and permanent.  Many patients I have worked with psychoanalytically have seen significant improvements in their overall quality of life:  Improved job opportunities, clarity and focus in goal setting, improved connection through deeper romantic and interpersonal relationships, resolution of painful childhood experiences, identification, and replacement of dysfunctional behaviors.


Frequency: Minimum 2 to 3 sessions per week.

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