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Single Session - Single Topic

This is a one-time/one topic session working on a specific issue.  This modality works best if you are familiar with psychotherapy and you are not in crisis.  The myth of psychotherapy or mental health and wellness treatment is that something has to be wrong, but things can be good and you want them better.  This modality can get you over that hurdle.

This Is For You If...
  • You are in New York for a very limited period of time and would like to consult with me.

  • You are willing and available for a VOIP (Skype/Facetime) session.

  • You mostly have things figured out and there is this one nagging issue you would like to clarify.

  • You have been to psychotherapy in the past, but you want a refresher because of a new situation.

  • You are not quite ready for the commitment of psychotherapy, but want to work on a specific issue.

Common Questions Answered...
How long is the 'Single Session?'

It's 90 - 135 minutes... equivalent to 2 - 3 regular therapy sessions...dependinng on your needs...

Can I do this if I'm in another state or country?

Yes you can! This is ideal for busy professionals who need issues processed and resolved immediately.

How much does this single session therapy cost?

It's my hourly rate times the number of hours we meet

Can I have a 'Single Session' more than once if I have a couple issues I'd like to deal with?

Yes you can!

What if the issue I need to resolve requires more than a 'Single Session?'

You have the option of making the session longer (up to 135 min or 3 sessions) or schedule more sessions...whatever works for you!

Want more info? Contact me...
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